Friday, October 2, 2009

Thrift Store Master List - CDA

Welcome to the first week of Frugal Friday! I think that was at the third time I've initially typed in Frugal Fruday on accident. If you want to hear a bit more and what Frugal Friday is and how to join, click here.
As you may recall, we went thrift store shopping earlier this week. So, I figured for our first Frugal Friday, I'd share with you what we learned about the thrift stores we went to since most of you live in the area.

The Thrift Store Master List - CDA

Women's Center Thrift Store: This thrift store is not large, but has a quite a bit of woman's clothing and shoes. Not a lot of children's, babies, or mens clothing though. All clothing is 50% off on Mondays, and shoes are 50% off Thursdays.

Idaho Youth Ranch Thrift Store: This place we were pretty impressed with. They are rather large and have a good selection of clothing in all sizes, which all seemed very clean and in good condition. The pricing is fair, not overly cheap but not too expensive. Except the furniture, that seemed rather expensive to me. All of their items are color-coded to help them move inventory out. Each week there is one color of tags that are 50% off and another color that is 25% off. The also have bargain bins that get refilled every 3 weeks or so (according to the girl working). The clothing pricing in the bargain bins is only $.50 and we managed to find a lot of good stuff.

Humane Society Thrift Store: Another pretty small store, again with a fairly large selection of woman's clothing. The childrens, babies and men's clothing selection was small. The did, however have a ton of dishes. If you need dishes, this is where you go. Or food dishes for your pets. I was unable to tell if they had any regular sales or discount days.

Thiftique (Lake City Church's thrift store): I'm not entirely sure I spelled that right. This store we did not spend a lot of time in. If you're claustrophobic, don't go here. If you have some time and no children, you could probably find some great stuff. This place is very large and very full. I didn't see much of the pricing or if they had any regular sales or discount days, I was to busy imagining being buried alive in the store.

Goodwill: We didn't actually go to Goodwill because we think their pricing is to high. But I figured it should be on the list anyway. I think we've all been there and know what kind of stuff is there. If I find out about any kind of sales or discount days, I'll add it here.

Hospice Thrift Store: We didn't go to this one simply because we ran out of time. We've been there before and I can tell you that they have a lot of women's and men's clothing, but not a lot of children's. They also have a lot of kitchen and home items as well as crafting stuff.

St. Vincent's Thrift Store: 50% off anything in the store every Wednesday (Thanks, Taylor!).

I think that's it. Next week we plan on going to Post Falls to thrift shop, so I'll probably make up a master list for there too. If I've left out a store or you have some more details or info for one I've listed, let me know!

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Anonymous said...

St Vinny's has 50% the entire store on Wednesdays

Sharyl Williams said...

Ummm........I need address's for some of these places.

Melissa said...

i am trying out the mr. linky - let me know if it works!

Anonymous said...

No comment.