Friday, October 23, 2009

Spending to Save

My wonderful husband budgeted $100 this paycheck for me to buy stuff for the house. Yay! So I bought curtains. Let me tell you, it was rather hard for me to pay full price for something. I had decided though, that I'd get myself some of those fancy "energy saving" curtains. I did some looking around online and found some at Target for only $10 a panel! Not too bad. I read the reviews and the main problems were that they weren't long enough and that they were hard to iron. Well, I hardly iron anything, let alone curtains, and the couches are in front of the windows so you can't really tell if they're too short. So I bought 5. Seriously people, these things actually work. We only have 2 windows covered, and I it's already reducing our heat usage. Our little control panel for the heat has a fancy feature where it keeps track of how much power is used every day. We usually use over 2 hours each day (I'm not overly sure what this means, I'm assuming that it's keeping track of the total amount of time the heat is running), but the last couple of days we've been using closer to 1.5 hours. Pretty exciting, eh? It's pretty cool too because you can actually feel the temperature difference in the living room compared to other rooms in the house. Also, we turn the heat off at night, so in the morning when we get up it's pretty cold, but the last couple of mornings it's been about 5 degrees warmer than normal. So I'm pretty excited =) It could all just be coincidence, but we plan on buying more for other windows anyway!
So there you have it, sometimes it's good to spend money to save money in the long run. It should be fun to see our electricity bill next month!

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Anonymous said...

Let us know if your electric bill is lower-that's cool!

Sharyl Williams said...

I have been thinking about getting some of those even to put behind my
regular curtains - 10 bucks a panel is a pretty good deal, especially for the amount of money you could save on heating. Thanks for sharing!

Lani said...

Nice! I'm looking into window coverings for the new house so I will definitely be looking at those!

Melissa said...

love the new layout!