Thursday, October 1, 2009

Join the Resistance

So my wonderful husband made me some graphics for our Frugal Friday stuff. We had fun, although I think he got tired of my giggling after a while.

First, we have a little banner that should fit nicely within a blog post:


And then a nice little square button for your sidebar:


The images are available here, so feel free to download them. If you remember, please make the images link to this post so that a newcomer can see what Frugal Friday is all about =) Or to make things easier, there's some code on the right sidebar that you can use.


Sharyl Williams said...

The proud Frugal Friday button is now featured on Reasonably Random!! I really like the design!

Anonymous said...

Friday is too close to here for me!

Sharyl Williams said...

Ummm... as one of the two people that voted for the name Frugal Friday I have to confess that I just went to one of the blogs I frequent (The Shabby Nest) and I realized that she has that name for her Friday posts.. sorry. My memory is fading fast as I grow old and infirm..

Jessy said...

Frugal Friday is a common name. Kinda like "wordless wednesday". Actually all of the names I came up with are probably used. I'm not very original like that. =)