Monday, October 19, 2009

We Ripped off the Thrift Store

Today we went out to the Real Lift Thrift Store. Our purpose? To find dishes to use for Thanksgiving dinner. We will be having approximately 15 people here for dinner, and we have only 4 place settings. Yes, only 4. In our old place we never had people over because it was too small, so we got rid of all our dishes except the pretty Longaburger ones so that we'd have less dishes to clean ;) Now, we have a larger house and are able to have people over. Hence Thanksgiving dinner. I liked this plan because it allowed me to buy new stuff (insert evil laughter). My grandma has offered me her china set (yay!) but we're still a bit short. My plan was to get a bunch of mismatched dishes in "heirloom white" and have a more eclectic look. Well, here's what we found today at the thrift store:

Anyone want to venture a guess at how much we spent on this? Come on, you know it's fun! Ok, here's the rundown:
14 dinner plates - $.59 each
14 bowls - $.49 each
7 salad plates - $.49 each
12 mugs - $.49 each
total: $24.43
However, let's not forget that everything in the Real Life Thrift Store is 50% off! So all of this was only $12.22! Can you believe it! I think we're set on dishes now =) Here's some close ups on the patterns:

We also got this cool little serving thingy ($1.58):

Close up:

Some fun glasses. Daniel is not too sure that they are glasses, but I say that they were on the shelf with all the other glasses, and I want them to be glasses - therefore they are glasses. ($.49 each)

A bunch of linen napkins so we can be all fancy like ($.25 each). I'm thinking I might have to play around with some dye and see what happens.

Silverware. We need silverware. ($.15 each)

This cool bowl thing. I'm not really sure why other than it's cool and weird. ($.89)

A couple of glass bowls ($.59 each)

And look at this.

Isn't that great? It was handmade too, someone gave it to their mom in 1981. Poor kid, their mom gave it to a thrift store.

A gravy boat. ($.29)

And a few items of clothing for Daniel, some games, some puzzles, a few "fall" decor items and a Spiderman tent thingy for Matthias. It was a good shopping day =)


Sharyl Williams said...

Wow!! Great job! You got some amazing stuff - I am planning on going there tomorrow - luckily I am not looking for dishes!
Looks like we will be good for Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

"Getting buttloads of stuff for real cheap...priceless."

Kathy Spencer said...

That silver bowl thing needs to have some holy water in it!

Anonymous said...

I need a gravy boat! I need to get out to this thrift store! What great deals!

J. Stuppy said...

You are an amazing shopper - a woman after my own heart for sure! Shopping & finding great deals is SOOOO satisfying to me - a stress reducer too. I absolutely love the dishes - your table is going to be "Martha Stewart" style.