Monday, October 5, 2009

Have I Mentioned.... much I love the Real Life Thrift Store? Seriously, it's the greatest. Here's some of the stuff we got today:

A lovely white board that we're hoping we can clean well enough to use. Any thoughts? I've heard that alcohol works.

Two sweaters for MZ, two tank tops (for under shirts) and a denim shirt for K-Lou, and a sweater for me.

A pile of polo shirts (5) for Daniel so he can look nice and snazzy when he meets with people about web design jobs.

A couple of puzzles for me =)

A couple of new knitting looms for Kelsi. She's learning how to make stuff =)

Label printing stuff. I'm not really sure why.

Cute little Christmas dish/things. Hopefully you guys don't mind getting stuff from thrift stores for Christmas ;)

A new in the box shoe rack that can hold up to 50 shoes. Yay! No more, "Mo-om, I can't find my shoes!" every morning.

Some cute little glass Christmas jars. More gift stuff =)

A scanner. Hopefully it works =)

Anyone want to venture a guess as to how much we paid for all this? Anyone? Just under $25! Can you believe it! We've always like the Real Life store because their prices are so cheap, but right now they have everything 50% off. Everything! They're trying to keep their inventory low so that they don't have to move as much when the new building is ready. I think this is a fabulous plan. Plus, some of their clothing is 75% off. Sadly I did not realize this, otherwise I would have gotten more clothing =)

We also hit up the Humane Society thrift store and the Youth Ranch thrift store and got some clothing at each. I didn't feel like taking picture of them though =)


Melissa said...

I love RLM thrift store!! and I love those Christmas dishes!! I am going to post on friday all the great deals I got. ;-)

J. Stuppy said...

Good job Jess - I don't see how people can survive in this economy without the help of thrift stores - and I GIVE stuff to them all the time too! Looking for a "like new" size 4T winter coat for a girl if you happen to see one!

Sharyl Williams said...

I was planning on going there today on my lunch - thanks for the heads up on the sale!