Monday, September 28, 2009

Thrift Store Fun

I love thrift stores. Today my wonderful husband took me out to lunch and then we hit up thrift stores. This is our new plan. We are going to hit up thrift stores regularly and stock up on cheap clothes for the kids when we can. And of course if we find fun stuff for ourselves, all the better. As much as I wanted to take a picture of every item we purchased and let you know exactly how much we paid for said item so that you can ooh and ahh over the bargains we got, I'll save you that experience. I'm thoughtful like that. So, here's the short version (I apologize in advance for the poor pictures, the lighting isn't very good in our living room):

Matthias scored a couple of frog chairs for $1.50 each

A pile of clothes for the kiddos, all priced between $.50-1.00 apiece.

A nice little educational puzzle. They were very thoughtful and put tape over the pieces so that they don't get lost. The problem is that the tape comes off like string cheese. And it takes some of the paint. Any tips?

A pile of books for Kelsi (birthday!) all $.25-.50 each, a couple of games at $1 each, and The Shack on audio book because Daniel wants to try and sell it on Amazon =)

A cute little glass pitcher ($1), a set of oil and vinegar things ($1), a puzzle mat ($1), and a nice polo shirt for Daniel ($3).

There, now doesn't your day feel enriched? I thought it might.


Robyn said...

Good job! I'm a sucker for a good deal. Those frog chairs are so cute! I had that *exact* same USA puzzle when I was a kid!

Melissa said...

I totally had this same idea!! I wanted to do a "Thrift Store Thursday" or something like that - real creative, huh? :-) And those chairs are a real find!!!

Jessy said...

I think it would be a blast to do some kind of weekly thing like that. It should be Thursday though, then we'd have the whole "TH" thing =) Or we could do "Frugal Friday", that's another one I've seen!

J. Stuppy said...

You are SOOOOOO related to me!! And I would definitely NOT be bored with seeing everything you got and hearing how much you paid for it - I so love that!! Today I am wearing a thrift store shirt I paid $3.00 for and of course I have to tell everyone! My daughter got the thrift store "gene" also...

Daniel said...

I'm going to sell The Shack on eBay. Sheesh. Can you blame me though? Paid $2.50 for it and it's going for $17.00 online!