Thursday, September 10, 2009


When we last went grocery shopping, I saw a nice bag full of pickling cucumbers and I couldn't resist =) So today Matthias and I made pickles.

He thought he was so cool helping me chop the dill. Just don't tell him that plastic knife won't do anything!

Next, he got to put the dill in the jars.

Close it up and we're ready to go! Ok, it was a little more work than that, but he thinks he did all the hard stuff.

I've never made pickles before, but it seems pretty straightforward, so hopefully it works! Thankfully, I had my fancy little crinkle cutter from Pampered Chef, so I was able to chop them all up fancy like. The big, fat pickles I sliced up to make spears.

And there are my pretty pickles.

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Sharyl Williams said...

Those look great! Matthias did an amazing job. It looks simple enough that I might even try it - I have a crinkle cutter too. I love bread and butter pickles best.