Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Playin' Games

Since I'm attempting to ignore the fact that the dryer is finished drying and the sink is full of dishes, I thought I'd post again =) Daniel and Kelsi decided to play a few games a couple of weeks ago (it was the night after Daniel's b-day bbq) and of course Matthias though he'd join in. I took up the role of photographer.

That's a rather devious look.

Matthias got his "friends" set up to watch.

Shaking the dice.

Apparently it was bothering Kelsi ;)

Kelsi let Matthias use the yellow guys.

Counting the dots to see how much he gets to move!

The highlight of the evening is that we let them eat up all the leftover tomato slices.

Oh, and Kelsi beat Daniel both times they played the game!


Taylor said...

I love that he lines up all the dolls to watch-precious!

Sharyl Williams said...

Even though I capitalized the word father, I meant Daniel not God..

Sharyl Williams said...

His dolls seem to have the same "nearness bubble" that his Father does!

Kathy Spencer said...

Looks like another gamer in the family.