Friday, September 25, 2009

Lego Fun

We've been rearranging our house during Daniel's vacation, and it's left our living room rather bare. So, last night we pulled out the legos, dumped them on the floor and went to town. Technically, Matthias is too young to play with legos, but since he doesn't eat every toy he picks up, we figured he'd be ok. We started playing as soon as Kelsi got home from school and then played right up until bedtime...with a small break for dinner. And there was only one fight. Amazing.

Matthias took over the house I was building.

Kelsi's working hard on her house/observatory.

Look at that cute little hand!

He thinks he's pretty cool playing legos with all of us.

Kelsi's house/observatory being built. Notice the stairs that lead up to the bedroom. She was rather proud of that.

This was Daniel's contribution. It's actually an upgrade from the "helicopter crash site" he put together.

More shots of Kelsi's house.

Look how nicely they're playing! Legos are great. Kelsi is pretty excited because there is a Lego club starting up at the library. If anyone wants to come join us we'll be there next Thursday at 4!

Also, thanks everyone for all your encouraging comments on my last post! If anyone wants to go here and enter my other website feel free =)


Taylor said...

Jessy-what should I put down for the item I am suggesting? Owl glove pattern?

Jessy said...

Sure! It doesn't really matter, I basically just want them to go to my site and look around! Getting featured on the Craft Magazine Blog is very "prestigious" and will get me lots of traffic =)

Taylor said...

I gave you a nice "shout out!" I told them to look at your tea set, too, because I find that to be the cutest thing ever!

J. Stuppy said...

I was garage sale-ing yesterday and saw a huge tin of lincoln logs - I thought about your kids but didn't know if they liked lincoln logs - I am watching for legos!!