Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blog Carnival

If you read a lot of blogs, you may have seen a blog carnival. If not, they are basically a collection of blogs that all write a post on a predetermined subject. These posts are then listed in a post on the "hosting" blog, which usually rotates every week. They are a great way to connect with other bloggers. So, I was thinking I should start one =) After yesterday's post about my thrift store trip and reading some of the responses, I think it should be something related to saving money. After all, our economy stinks, right? No matter what our living situation, most of us are trying to pinch pennies here and there, so why not share our tips and ideas? What do you all think? Wanna join me? Next, we just need to come up with a catchy name. Here are some ideas:
Tightwad Tuesday
Thrifty Thursday
Frugal Friday
Any other thoughts?
If you're interested, leave me a comment letting me know! Also let me know if you want to host so I can get a rotation set up. And, please, help me decide on a name by participating in the poll to your right!

If you want a better idea of what it would mean to "host" you'd basically put this at the bottom of your post:

People would then come and enter in their post URL. Each of the individual posts would also link back to you for that week. Make sense?


Melissa said...

I don't get it...but I'm all for it!! :-) just tell me what to do when it's time.

Sharyl Williams said...

I love the idea and I like Frugal Friday - I was also thinking that if I do a bloggers brunch, we could include a trash to treasure thing where we bring things we no longer need or want and see if others want them.

Taylor said...

I do not know what you people are talking about here, but consider me "in!"
Like Melissa, just tell me what to do, when to post, where to go, where to brunch, and when to bring trash to someone's house, I will do it.

Robyn said...

Ok well Frugal Friday is ok, but I like Tightwad Tuesday too because I usually shop and cook on the weekends so then I'd have ideas (actually I probably wouldn't) by Tuesday!

Jessy said...

Vote, people, vote! I'll get a post up tomorrow probably that gives more details on how to go about doing the whole carnival thing. I'm glad you guys are all going to join me!

Alisa said...

Yes!! I also am not technically savvy enough to understand but I will definitely balance that out with my tightwadness!! I'm in!