Friday, September 18, 2009

My New Toy

A week or two ago I decided to sell my little laptop. It was fun and cute and small...and a pretty brown, but I just didn't use it. In our new place, our PC is conveniently located in the center of the house so I ended up using it all the time. I wanted to use the money from the laptop to buy something big rather than just let it slowly dwindle away. Today at Costco I found that "something":Isn't it pretty (Sadly the picture on the front of the box lied, so I got a white one rather than a silver). It's a little HD camcorder. Now I can post video of the kids everyday for all of you to see! Aren't you excited? OK, I promise to try to not be that bad. It's charging right now and Matthias is taking a nap, but soon I will be testing it out and posting some video. Yay!


Sharyl Williams said...

Our video department at work went and bought three of those a while back - they get used all the time! They are a great deal and HD quality!

Melissa said...

no fair, I want one!! are you up for loaning your camera (still picture one) this Saturday for the game?

Jessy said...

Yep! I think we're planning on coming this week, so we'll just bring it then. If not maybe you guys can swing by and pick it up before the game?