Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Matthias and I started doing preschool this year, and he thinks he's pretty cool. He has his very own desk, just like Kelsi, it even has his name on it! The name is conveniently located right above the strip of masking tape that says "table not for sale" that was placed there during a yard sale and never came off. It also has some drops of chocolate.

And then we have his little white board (found at a thrift store for .99) with our letter of the week along with our key words. Matthias apparently thought I didn't write them out properly.

And our calendar (blurry picture!) to help Matthias learn his months and days. Today we learned that is not, in fact, July. It is September.

His pile of library books and poetry books.

His lovely educational wooden puzzles.

His workbooks and the all important box of coloring supplies.

Now, I get to show off some of his "work". I apologize in advance for the bad photos...I was just really lazy.

We're mainly focusing on his writing skills, since he has the alphabet down. So first off, we have this lovely page:

He did it twice. The first shot apparently wasn't good enough.
The apple (A is for apple!):

And the lemon...getting a bit trickier!

And finally, learning to draw straight lines:

I would have taken pictures of Matthias along with all his stuff...but school got cut short early today because he needed a nap!


Kathy Spencer said...

Looks like fun! And I have always believed the best way to keep them interesting in learning is to make it fun. Good job!

Sharyl Williams said...

What fun!! He can't help but learn with such a creative Mom!

And by the way - what is beriets anyway?? It wants me to write that in the word verification slot before it will post this message. Where do they come up with these things? Or did Matthias choose it?