Tuesday, November 10, 2009

10 Things Tuesday

Just 10 random little things:

1. I wasn't upset about the podcast thing, mainly I was just trying to give you all a hard time because I had nothing else to post about yesterday =)

2. I finally purchased the long awaited 12th book of my favorite series. I have been up past 2 am the last two nights because of said book. I am rather tired.

3. Our car seems to be dying.

4. Anyone want to buy me a new car?

5. K-Llou's birthday is this weekend, she still hasn't decided what she wants to do.

6. My little girl is going to be 10!!!

7. I bought myself a knitting loom designed especially for knitting socks, it came in the mail yesterday.

8. I think I will start a new trend of wearing mismatched socks, that way I can wear all the socks that I've made where I finished the first one but got bored before starting the second.

9. I think someone may need an owl cup cozy for Christmas ;)

10. Speaking of Christmas, I really need to get going on gifts. I have one item completed. I don't think that's enough to go around.


Anonymous said...

Your link does not work. :(
If I had a million dollars, I would buy you AND Daniel new cars.
But I checked my wallet, and all I got is a $20.

Jessy said...

Funny you should be the one to mention it, the link was supposed to go to your blog! I was typing this post up when I got the email alert that you had commented on my other blog =)

Anonymous said...

I was hoping it was me!
The cup cozy is so cute!