Saturday, November 7, 2009


This conversation took place earlier tonight while watching Planet Earth:

(My husband shall be called "Computer Guy")

Computer Guy: look MZ, it's your brother! ( points to a monkey on the tv)
MZ: No, that's not a brother.
Me: I dont think he even know what a brother is.
Computer Guy: MZ, what is a brother?
MZ: a monkey!

A short while later the narrator is telling us that the monkey we are seeing is a howler monkey.

MZ: No, it's a brother!


J. Stuppy said...

What are you guys doing to this poor child???? Broccoli for breakfast and now a monkey brother. You know, if you ever have another child and it's a boy, he's gonna be pretty disappointed!

Lani said...

Hmm... I'm thinking you'd better get him a little brother! ;)

Sharyl Williams said...

I love conversations with MZ! In fact you should write a book of them and name it that.

Anonymous said...

Poor MZ . . . you guys need to show him what a human brother looks like!