Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas is Just Around the Corner...

Note: If you are not a member of my immediate family, feel free to disregard this post =)

I've decided I should get around to figuring out Christmas gifts. Because of recent car events, we won't have as much money as we'd planned for Christmas this year. So I want to make sure the gifts we make/buy for you all are things that you want and will use. I figured that I would give you guys some ideas of things that I can make and you can let me know what you'd like =) You can also throw in color or style preferences if you want. Or, if there is something else that you want/need that we can purchase, please let me know! Mom and Melissa, if you can give me some direction for the men and children, it'd be much appreciated!

A cute little purse

A fancy winter hat

A beret

A manly hat

iPod cozy

Reusable Swiffer covers






Convertible gloves

Mittens (these ones were inspired by some gloves that Bella wore in Twilight lol)

Headband/ear warmer

Fingerless gloves



Beer sweater

Sushi toilet paper cover

Ok, so maybe not those last ones ;)


Sharyl Williams said...

Super cute stuff! I will get back to you!

Melissa said...

this is crazy!! i just got home from watching New Moon (so good!!) and she wears those gloves again in this movie and I was admiring them!! so that's my vote! :-) i will spend a little more time looking tomorrow - right now I am exhausted!

Anonymous said...

Jessy-I know I am not a member of your immediate family, but I just want to say you are super creative! The IPod cozy is so cute and I love the idea of a reusable swiffer pad (that could make a neat Frugal Friday post).
Nice work!

The Wacky Whiteman Gang said...

Ok so I am not in your immediate family but I want those mittens!! I heart Bella :) Haha After Christmas can I pay you to make me some?

Melissa said...

ok, so i am back to "shop" this post! :-) i love the purse, fancy winter hat, washcloths, bella mittens, and headband!! jordyn likes those, too. tracy and caden are so hard being boys - the manly hat is nice! :-)

J. Stuppy said...

Those are some darn cute little gift items!! That little purse - the mittens - the beer warmers! You are so super talented girl.