Friday, November 6, 2009

More Owls!

OK, so remember those owl gloves I showed you? This time I've made owl cup cozies. You know, like those yucky cardboard things you put over you coffee cup? How much cuter is this?

Or, if you'd prefer, one to go around your mug of hot chocolate.

Just as an update for those who may be interested, the owl glove pattern has been selling like crazy. Since it's the first crochet pattern to have a cabled owl, I've gotten a ton of positive feedback. So, I'm hoping these patterns will do as well too.

On a somewhat related note, I'm considering making up some of these cozies and maybe some gloves to sell. What do you think? Do you think anyone would buy them?

One more thing, K-Lou wanted me to show everyone the lip gloss cozy I made her. She always has chapped lips and is always loosing her chap stick. So, this was my solution:

It has a little chain so that she can hook it onto her backpack or belt loop or something. She thinks she's pretty cool now. Remember when they started making lip gloss lids that had little loops so that you could string them all up on a necklace? That was way cool. I remember seeing kids with like 30 of them on one necklace. My favorite kind of lip gloss was Dr. Pepper. Good times, good times.


Melissa said...

very cute!! i think you should sell them!!

Anonymous said...

I love the cup sleeves and I think if you sold gloves and the cup sleeves together, it would definitely be a cute and fun gift to give to people. Awesome stuff! Love it, love it!

Sharyl Williams said...

I will buy the cup sleeves for some christmas gifts! And I agree with Taylor- do combo's!

Anonymous said...

Yes! I think it's a great product! So super cute!

Anonymous said...

Ah Lip favorite was one called Moon Rock was silver.