Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More OAMC Stuff

Since many of you asked about what recipes I used in my OAMC adventure, I figured I'd make today's post about that. There are several websites that have tons of information including recipes, shopping lists and step by step instructions (just use good old Google). I didn't actually use any of these because my gluten allergy makes things a little harder. I did however, find all my recipes on RecipeZaar and got some good tips/ideas from the RecipZaar Forums. If you haven't used RecipeZaar before, you should. It has a great search (aka "recipe sifter") and you can put any of the recipes into your "shopping list" and will generate a shopping list for you. Bet you couldn't have put two and two together to figure that one out. This is especially handy if you're shopping for a months worth of groceries at once ;) They also have a good size collection of freezer meals. I thought about linking to all the recipes I used, but I figured I'd save those up so that I could have something to post about if I run out of ideas! So, tonight's dinner is in the oven as we speak (shredded beef enchiladas...yum!) and it was rather nice to not have to worry about what to have for dinner! I ended up making my own enchilada sauce and refried beans, so it should be pretty tasty =) Maybe if you're lucky I'll post a picture of it.


Melissa said...

I like the new picture on your blog!

Anonymous said...

Oooh . . . I hope we get lucky enough for pictures! Shredded beef enchiladas sound delicious!

Sharyl Williams said...

Sounds yummy! And what a nice feeling to already have dinner planned!