Sunday, November 1, 2009

Matthias Playin' Games

This poor kid was so tired by the time it was his turn to play games!

This is what he did while the rest of us finished our dinner.

He's not too sure about things.

This was his version of throwing the ball into the fish bowl.

Waiting patiently in line.

This was the only game he played properly.

Oooh! A duck!

He was supposed to throw the ball at the bottles...he thought it'd be more fun to try and balance all the balls on top of them instead.

This is about when we left, the kid was too tired! On our way out he proudly showed everyone the sucker he got.


Sharyl Williams said...

Love the new look! But I cant read the text - the color of it blends in too well!

Great pics - I can see you are cultivating a strong photography talent! It takes time!

Wait till you see the ones I got with my cool camera!

Sharyl Williams said...

Ok - never mind! You must have still been working on it when I came here - now there is a great background behind the text that makes it totally readable!

Anonymous said...

Matthias is quite the cute little Clifford! Love your new blog look, my dear!

J. Stuppy said...

Looks great - and that boy of yours is a hoot!