Thursday, November 4, 2010

2 Month Update

Is it 2 months when she hits 8 weeks, or was it two months on Oct. 31? Either way I'm late ;) I keep trying to get a picture of this little stinker smiling, but she's not cooperating. Whenever she sees the camera, she does this:

So then I move the camera out of sight and try to pull it out in time to get snap a picture while she's smiling and I get this:

So I'm giving up.

She had her two month checkup yesterday and is doing great. She's in the 90th percentile in height, 95th for weight and her head is in the 80th percentile. So she's still huge! I had to pack up all her 0-3 month clothes yesterday and pull out the was kind of sad.
The recommended vaccine schedule would have had her getting a round of shots yesterday, but we've chosen to wait until she's older. They must be getting more people choosing to not vaccinate or delay vaccines these days because the nurse asked if we were going to be getting her shots today and when we told her no, she gave us a form to sign that basically said we understand the risk and will not sue them. Lovely.
It's amazing how much this little girl has changed in the last two months! She still has great muscle strength and is holding herself up really well.

She's smiling a ton (except when I have the camera!) and is doing a little bit of "talking". She loves to sit and watch her big brother play, which is great for me because it gives me a bit of time to get stuff done.

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Melissa said...

Wow! She is so big! I keep trying to put 0-3 month clothes of Griffin but they are still too big. I know I will be sad to move out of the newborn clothes and diapers when the day finally comes, though.