Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Poor as Dirt

Yep, that's us. We used to just be "low income", now we're poor as dirt. For those of you who don't know, our know...the one Daniel works at...recently let everyone know that due to various reasons they would have to lay off some people. Well, Daniel was one of those people. Kind of. His hours have been reduced to 20 per week, so we've lost half our income and our health insurance. Bummer, eh? Oddly, we don't see it that way. Well, except for the whole health insurance thing, but we're on our way to being a socialist country anyway so we won't have to worry about that soon. But seriously, we've been talking and praying for a while about our future, specifically, what Daniel wanted as a career. Now this has come up and provided us a way to get a decent amount of income and still give Daniel time to pursue other things. At this point it's looking like he'll be doing web design, which he's done in the past but has never had the time to make a living out of it. The nice thing is, with our whole moving thing we'll be able to cut down our expenses enough to where we'll only be short about $150/month. It will be difficult and money will be tight, but I think we can do it. And as I mentioned earlier, we'll be saving money over the next couple of months so we'll have that to cover the extra $150 each month. And really, we're not above using the food room at the church occasionally. As well, I am looking at making some stuff to sell on Etsy, might as well use up all this yarn I have! These hats are one of the things I'm thinking of:

My Grandma and I are also talking about making some camera straps. They're all the rage. I'll let you guys know when I have my store set up so you can all order tons of stuff ;) Christmas is just around the corner!
As for Kelsi's school, Daniel talked to them and they said the 30% discount we've been getting for being in full time ministry will remain for the rest of the year. Yay! They also said they will do everything they can to work with us to make sure she can come next year as well. They're awesome like that.
As for me, I'm getting pretty excited about it. My husband will be home 4 days a week! Obviously he'll be working at home so it won't be all fun and games, but he'll be home!
So, that's our life now. We're not worried about our future because we know God is sovereign and has things under His control...which is much better than having us in control!


Melissa said...

Praying for you guys!!! I will totally promote your crafts here =)

Anonymous said...

And don't forget the hair bows too.
I got some fabric for a camera strap today - beautiful brown background and turquoise leaves and so pretty "minky" in plain turquoise.
We're gonna make a fortune, I just know we are! lol

Taylor said...

So sad, all of it, but I love your attitude and love that you see God through it all.
Cute hats! Let me know when you get your store all going and I will give you a little shout out.

I love the camera straps and those cozies you made.

Bible carrying cases/purses for girls to keep their Bibles/curriculum for chuch.

Have you seen those aprons that have crayon holder slots? So cute. said...

I love you guys so much and am so proud of you. You know we will help any way we can -