Monday, November 29, 2010

10 Things....Monday?

Yes, I know, it's supposed to be 10 things Tuesday or Thursday. Whatever. Today we have "10 things I'm looking forward to in our new tiny apartment (in no particular order)".
  1. Faster internet. Our current house is old, therefore the wiring cannot handle fast speeds of internet. Or something. I'm obviously not the I.T. genius in this family.
  2. Less to clean. Which would I rather clean, 2000 sq. feet or 900? Tough call.
  3. No snow removal. Yay!
  4. No lawn maintenance. All that mowing and watering is a pain.
  5. No shoveling snow off the car. Sure we have a garage, but it's way in the back by the alley and the door looks like it might fall apart if you look at it funny. We won't have a garage in the new place, but we will have a handy little carport.
  6. A master bathroom. I no longer will have to step on toys in the shower.
  7. The ability to open the blinds and not look directly into the neighbor's house.
  8. No neighbors who have loud parties in their backyard complete with a live band and people smoking items of questionable legality.
  9. A toilet that flushes properly without having to hold down the handle for 5 minutes.
  10. A swimming pool and hot tub!
Tune in next week for "10 things I miss about the old place".

3 comments: said...

Those are definitely some great things! You forgot to add less money, but I am sure that is a given! Good for you for looking at all the positives - of course there is always next week's post...!

Melissa said...

Will you guys be in a ground level or upstairs appt?

Jessy said...

Sadly we'll be on the second floor. There was a ground floor opening up in January but we didnt want to wait that long.