Thursday, November 11, 2010

We're Moving!

Not far, don't worry ;) We started looking into moving this past summer once we started paying for K-Lou's school, but we couldn't find anything for rent within our price range, and we can't afford to buy. Plus I was pregnant, which is never a fun time to move. So we decided to wait until spring. Well, we were driving down one of the main streets here in town (it runs north and south and starts with an "R"...) and saw an apartment complex with a big banner out front advertising first month free. So we started talking about it. Here are the benefits (as we see it anyway!)
We will be saving about $150/month on rent. This is not a whole lot when you consider we are moving from a 2000+ sq. feet house with a yard to an apartment that is just under 900 sq. feet. But it helps. The real savings will be in electricity and gas. The house we are in right now is old, it's been totally remodeled and updated on the inside, but that doesn't help much with insulation. Last winter out bill was at least 4 times more than normal, and that's even with putting those fancy curtains up on all the windows and keeping the temp at only 67. Then there's gas. We only have one car and Daniel works a ways away. He's been taking the bus, but I still have to drive him the bus stop and pick him up, which uses a bit of gas. This place has a bus stop that is really close to the entrance. We plan on staying there for a year or two and save up some of the money we're saving to put towards a down payment on our own place some day.
Ok, I know most of you probably won't see this a benefit, but we do! This place is too big for us and we've acquired to many things to fill it. We want a smaller place and fewer possessions...and less for me to clean ;)
As I said before, it's closer to a bus stop. Plus it's closer to other places we go often, like our families and grocery stores and so on. It's also right next to a park and close to the community center.
Other stuff
There is a pool, hot tub and playground at the apartment complex. That will definitely help keep the kiddos occupied this summer!
So, there you have it...that's why we're moving! We're moving in on Dec. 1, so we have a lot of work ahead of us!


Melissa said...

congrats!! cant wait to see pictures =)

Lani said...

Cool! Moving can be exciting, even when it's a ton of work. Hope it all goes smoothly! :) said...

Can't wait to see it! Christmas dinner at your house? Ok, maybe just that girls tea you were talking about!