Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So far today Little Miss has been a happy little girl. Yesterday however, she was not. With as bad as she was yesterday with her new formula, we decided not to wait and see if she'd adjust, but to go ahead and try soy. So we switched her to an organic brand of soy formula. Funny thing is it costs $5 less than the Enfamil Gentle Ease. I still am not a fan of her being on soy, but Daniel and I decided we'd rather her be on an organic soy than some of the science experiments that are out there claiming to be baby formula. We do plan on trying to slowly introduce dairy formula when she gets a bit older. So, she's been on this soy stuff since last night and she's been such a happy baby so far! So she's been catching up on her playtime:

Those little wrist things are supposed to be there to help them find their hands and learn how too control them, right? She thinks they're there to chew on. She doesn't seem to use her hands much, but she certainly knows how to get them to her mouth!

She also really likes her little mirror and enjoys looking at herself. But really, she's so cute, how could she not?

Speaking of toys, do the makers of bouncy seats not test them out first? How is she supposed to play with a toy thats laying on her face?

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Thelittlebrownhouse.us said...

That last pic is hysterical! Poor thing!
So glad she is having a better day - I hope the soy works well for her.